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when your body gets chills from listening to a song, you know that’s good shit

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Ezra Koenig on Oxford Comma:

With ‘Oxford Comma,’ to me it’s very obvious that it’s about elitism, and dealing with someone who thinks they’re better than you, and who tries to criticize you in bulls—t ways. I know it’s not the most straight-forward song in the world, but to me it’s pretty obvious that that’s the tone of it. But some people would say that by even naming a song ‘Oxford Comma,’ all we’re doing is reinforcing elitism, because, in theory, only the privileged classes know what an Oxford comma is. That, to me, is a classic example of how people misinterpret our songs. Some people just hear certain words and think: ‘these guys must think they’re so smart!’ But, my family history has pointed to the idea that you don’t have to be rich to be educated, to care about books, to know obscure words.

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The Moon Song  || KAREN O ft. EZRA KOENIG

There’s things I wish I knew
There’s no thing I’d keep from you
It’s a dark and shiny place
But with you my dear
I’m safe and we’re a million miles away.

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